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Gold star for robot boy


Stymie, in treatment

Stymie has been separated from the other cats for 5 months. After living in the house for several years, we decided we finally had to make a serious attempt at taming him. He's always been an odd duck, we suspect he's a little slow (even for a cat), so he has trouble figuring things out that other cats master in seconds. He's doesn't understand people, and is frankly not so hot with cats, either. He clearly wants to be friends with them but he doesn't know how to do it. He's only had a few who understood him through the years, the rest of the time he's off by himself.

kitten stymie

Stymie as a kitten

We have been using the patented Elmer Method, isolating him so his only social interaction is with humans (okay occasionally we let other cats in to visit him). He's only fed when we're with him and for a few months now I have been slowly trying to pet him while he eats. This is a cat who has never been touched by humans before (save for his neutering). It's been slow going, it took a long time for him to just eat with my hand near the plate, let alone trying to touch him! (more…)

Mabel Unchained

Mabel on lap

Mabel: back on the lap

Mabel is now out of her crate and free to roam the house. We kept her locked up both for her safety and because until yesterday we had small kittens. Mabel hates kittens with a passion that can only mean she once was a mother herself 🙂 Whatever the reason, kittens have targets on their back when Mabel is around, so it was safer for everybody if she remained incarcerated.

Once the kittens went to their new home, Mabel was finally freed. She loves having the run of the house again, we keep finding her in unusual places (she was napping on the treadmill earlier, we've never even seen her in that room before!)

Eventually she ended up on my lap, one of her favorite roosting spots. It's still strange to sit with her and not hear her old musical purr; in fact, everything about her is quieter and it's still weird for her to be so silent. But it means she is better! She has also put on some much-needed weight so she's off to a great start! Thanks to all who have donated so far, please keep sharing her story and chip in if you can!

Mabel Lap

We can rebuild her


Maybe not ready for Cute Overload, but we like her

It's been one week since Mabel came home from the AMC after her procedures. For such a small cat, she had a ton of issues! But the balloon dilation and stents seem to be doing the job, she no longer struggles to get air into her lungs. Previously, she looked like a fuzzy bullfrog, her neck inflating hugely as she forced air through ever-smaller nasal passages. When I think about it now, it seems pretty horrible to have to live like that, and she lived like that for a long time. And was even playful and affectionate through it all (well, okay, not all the time).


Post-surgical Hammock Therapy

Part of her condition made her vomit with alarming regularity. She threw up all the time, usually just stomach bile. Apparently, from having to struggle for breath so often, she ended up swallowing lots of air. This distended her esophagus (megaesophagus) and caused a hiatal hernia (most of her internal organs were squashed forward in the abdominal cavity from overactivity of the diaphragm muscle). So she had to struggle to breathe AND she barfed a lot.

One week after the procedure, her breathing is silent and her neck no longer bulges. She has vomited a bit, but it's mostly been very small amounts, and only food (I'm not sure why I think that's an improvement over bile but I do). The vets said to expect this but that it should stop soon as her body recovers. We're hoping her esophagus and stomach can heal so these GI issues resolve.

One downside to her getting better is she no longer has a loud, musical purr. This was always one of her most endearing traits, her purr was extremely loud and bubbly, going up and down the scale. See the video from when she was recovering from her ear canal surgery, the purring is like a babbling brook! We now know that this purring was actually due to her condition, the extra tissue (that was also constricting her airway) was vibrating and amplifying her purrs!

As you can hear in the new video, Mabel's purr is now far more pedestrian. We'll miss her big purrs but knowing it was a sign of what was wrong with her makes it easier to say good riddance!

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Mabel in recovery

Mabel is one of our several cats, she came to us as a foster but we decided she gets to spend her life with us. We decided this partially because she has a lot of health problems that need addressing. Here's what she's had done so far:

  • Treatment for giardia
  • Treatment for severe ringworm
  • Multiple tooth extraction
  • Ear polyp removal
  • Total Ear Canal Ablation
  • Megaesophagus treatment
  • Acid reflux treatment
  • Balloon dilation and stenting (to open nasal passages congested with scar tissue)

She's recovering from her latest procedure (balloon dilation) well, but the vets believe she may need further surgery to remove scar tissue from her larynx. The vets also saw that sometime in the past she suffered from several broken ribs; we suspect this trauma may have jumpstarted many of her ailments.

One positive thing to come out of all these vet visits is that the vets now believe she is much younger than we originally thought! Instead of being 15 years old, as we assumed, they say she is only 6 or 7. This is good news, although a little sad, she's been so messed up for so long she seemed like an elderly cat when she should be in the prime of life.


We are asking for help to pay the enormous vet bills she's racked up so far. If we can get this paid off, we can continue to help Mabel get the care she needs, as well as continue to help other street cats in need.

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Look What Happened to Mabel


Mabel on her way to Animal Medical Center

Update: Please visit Mabel's Donation Page to help!

Mabel just got home from the vet's. Again. Mabel has had a variety of health problems in the relatively brief time that we've had her, and the phrase we hear most often from her various doctors is "I've never seen anything like this." And it's not just one thing, it's a whole mess of never-before-seen issues, including an abnormal bulla, air aphasia, even a voicebox so riddled with scar tissue it's cutting off her air supply! And that's just the highlights. (more…)